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Advertising Campaigns
The choices of means to advertise your business can be a bit overwhelming when you consider all the forms of Print Advertising (brochures, newspapers, magazines, billboards, direct-mail campaigns, and many more), Media Advertising (TV, radio, movie theater, and more), Internet Advertising (website, banner ads, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Management, e-newsletters, directory listing management, and many more), and other forms of promotion to get your business noticed. Our 4-year- degreed marketing and design professionals will work with your business or organization to research and understand your product and/or service, sales objectives, and budget, to develop a specific plan and set of materials that most effectively targets potential customers and creates brand awareness.
Our copywriting professionals can work with your business to craft dynamic and relevant text you require for any form of print advertisement and/or Internet/website marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information. Whether you need your copy to tell a captivating story about your company, provide product or service information to your customers, create a “call-to-action” response, or influence a customer’s behavior, our copywriting professionals will work with your business to strategize, research, and creatively develop text that represents your brand strategy and supports your marketing objectives.
Direct Mail
A Direct Mail campaign can target existing or prospective customers with very specific or general demographic characteristics within a defined geographic area by utilizing a visually appealing printed mailer with a dynamic message relevant to the marketing/sales objectives of the campaign. Our mailing list services use the latest technology and algorithms to provide you with an inclusive and highly accurate list to target your defined prospective customer. In addition, our postal management services take the hassle away from you and can accommodate small or very large campaigns effectively.
Marketing Promotional Items
Frequently distributed marketing promotional items or “give-away’s” can help you to unleash the power of your branding strategy. We can provide you with any type of promotional item featuring your business logo and information. We offer a large selection of products from multiple distributors to provide a creative and fun means to market your business.
Marketing Research
Avid Design Group can work with your business or organization to identify your sales and marketing objectives in a defined geographic or web-based market and develop strategies to evaluate your competitors marketing objectives and strategies, customer behavior and other market factors that will affect the purchasing behavior of potential customers to your product or service.
Avid Design Group can coordinate and manage any of the visual image services that you may require for your marketing campaign, print materials or Internet marketing activities. Whether you require general industry photos from our large stock photography repository, or require custom on-site, studio or aerial photography and/or video services, we have the photograph and video resources that will meet your project needs. We only work with the most proven, reputable, professional, and cost effective videographers and photographers for your business.
Marketing Solutions

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