Digital Marketing Solutions

Programmatic Campaigns

Increase Brand Awareness and Market-share in Your Industry 
Reach your target audience with programmatic display campaigns. Target specific people using first or third-party data and accurately track campaign performance.

Programmatic Campaign Management

A rock-solid programmatic strategy is no longer a luxury for brands, it’s a necessity. We launch highly-targeted online display, video, mobile & retargeting campaigns with custom audiences created from either first or third-party data. We offer tools to seamlessly combine data into digital media initiatives comprised of your most valuable users, with transparency and speed. Giving you full visibility into your digital media dollars ensuring they were spent as efficiently as possible.

Supercharge your digital strategy with geofencing, I.P targeting, native advertising, and even connected TV campaigns for the growing population of cord-cutters. The time is now to implement this enterprise technology into your media plan, and we’re the experts that can make it happen.


Scale & Precision for location data marketers
Reach your ideal customer based on real-time latitude/longitude location data. Engage users who live, work, and frequent your locations with digital ads that pursuade them to take action.

Geofencing Explained

Put our partners location data to work for you.

Geofencing is the implementation of a virtual boundary, and serving mobile ads to users who enter that geographical boundary.

Alert shoppers of a discount or great deal near your location.

Serve ads to all your competitor’s locations in real-time.

We work with the industry leading location data providers in the industry, ensuring your campaigns are executed with maximimum precision and accuracy.

Continue reading to learn about Geoframing as well, which allows you to target people who have visited (and left) a location too!

Geo-framing, or geo-retargeting, is the method of serving ads to individuals who enter a specific location after they’ve left. Accross mobile, desktop, tablet, and connected TV devices.

Dubbed “geofencing on steroids,” geo-framing is best used for creating a user pool based on who has been at a certain location for cross-selling or possibly upselling.

For example, if you’re local gym you can collect the device id’s of users who have recently been in a YMCA or LA Fitness in your area to try and attract them to your gym instead.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Make Every Click Count
We create aggressive, highly-strategic Google Ads campaigns that target searchers with intent to buy. Search engines are evolving rapidly, and what Google considers to be important for search results is not as simple as it were in years past. That’s why an experienced, Google Ads campaign management team is vital to keep pace with your biggest competitors.

Our PPC Management Process

It begins and ends with intent.
Search engine marketing has consistently been the highest producing medium responsible for conversions. A well written & constructed Google search ad can intercept a searcher & convince them to convert quickly if structured the right way. Our team is lazer focused on optimizing response rates for our clients for this very reason.

We typically use Google Ads as a lead generation tool, as it’s very scalable and typically produces results quicker than SEO & a number of other digital marketing strategies. Below are six areas our team prioritizes to ensure campaign success and long-term profitability with search campaigns.

Paid Social Media Campaign

Social strategies that make your audience care, share, and convert
Social media campaigns are a powerful strategy that can take your organization’s marketing and advertising to the next level. Being active on social media platforms & boosting posts is only a small part of the equation…… as the real ROI comes via targeted, paid media campaigns.

Our Social Media Process

We fully-manage paid social media campaigns across multiple platforms via a comprehensive strategy that presents the right message, to the right user, at the exact right time.

Our team sets objectives, identifies the digital audience you want to target, determines which channel is the best fit, and implement a content strategy that gets your audience to act.

For most brands, there are 2-3 social channels that need to be prioritized. So choozing wisely means less resources to manage, and less budget spent.

Also, the quality and content of your social media ads must resonate with your target audience. We produce ads that are highly relevant, engaging, and produce copious likes / shares / clicks to deliver the results you deserve.

Social Media Management

People spend more time today on Social Media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, than any other type of website on the Web. With over 2 billion active users globally, Social Media websites have become a vital on-line location to promote your business and direct users to your company website.

We can help your business to develop multiple profiles across different Social Media websites and continue to provide regular updating services to show your users that you are an active Social Media company that is tuned into their Web behaviors and needs. Whether we build an “organic” presence, or utilize paid targeted advertisement placement, we will work with your business to develop timely and effective Social Media promotional strategies that will:

“Keep you in Touch” – Regularly interact with prospective and existing customers,
“Announce” – Promote specials and news-worthy events,
“Qualify You” – Serve as an industry resource,
“Get Customers to Act” – Drive users to your website,
“Create Results” – Increase sales of your products or services.

E-mail Announcements & Newsletters

An effective E-mail Newsletter campaign can provide your customers with regular information about your business, current promotions, or news worthy events about your company or industry. E-mail campaign programs are effective with a daily, weekly, monthly or an “as needed” frequency of distribution with consistent visual elements related to your branding. Avid Design Group can establish and manage a campaign where we design an eye catching visual e-newsletter framework with an effective message, targeted to a relevant list of your customers and distributed on a periodic basis.

Avid Design Group can also assist your business in establishing, building and managing a working customer/client e-mail list through a web-based e-mail list management company such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact.

We were very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the Avid Design Group. They quickly grasped our business goals and developed marketing and website materials which have proven to be highly effective.

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