Avid Design Group is very happy to announce the launch of two exciting new website projects for two of our existing and valued clients; the City of St. Augustine Beach and The Friends of the St. Augustine Ampitheatre (FOSAA).

The City of St. Augustine Beach previously promoted their annual Beach Blast Off event through its own dedicated event website.  Realizing the City events were gaining momentum and growing in frequency and size, the City decided to hire our website design and development agency to create a more versatile site that features all of the City events, and allows their staff to timely maintain the content within the site themselves.  The new website is custom designed and programmed in WordPress with a content management system and responsive design.  You can visit the new website to learn more about all of the exciting family friendly events taking place at the City of St. Augustine Beach and find out how you can become a sponsor and/or volunteer at www.sabevents.com.

Another great website recently designed, developed and launched by Avid Design Group is the new website for the Friends of the St. Augustine Amphiteatre (FOSAA).  The new website replaces a previous HTML version developed by our agency several years earlier.  The custom designed, WordPress programmed website provides the FOSAA staff with the ability to maintain the content and functionality of the site.  This is much needed for their staff considering all of the dynamic events that are scheduled within the year and resources that become available to the public.  To learn more about FOSAA’s mission to make the St. Augustine Amphitheatre more accessible to schools and other non-profit organizations, please visit their new website at www.fosaa.org.

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