Avid Design Group launches new website for Le Pavillon Restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida.

Avid Design Group, a professional website design, graphic design, and marketing material development and management services agency of 16+ years, recently announced the launch of the new website for La Pavillon Restaurant located in beautiful historic downtown St. Augustine, FL.  La Pavillon is a new client to Avid Design Group, who needed a well designed and modernly programmed website to feature the upscale American cuisine offered at their restaurant that has been serving the St. Augustine community and tourist clientele for over 35 years.

The La Pavillon Restaurant website features information on the history of the location, their fantastic lunch and dinner menu’s, wine list, banquet services and ability to schedule reservations on line.  The website has been programmed in the WordPress platform, being responsive in design and allows the client the ability to make on-page changes through the websites contact management system (CMS).  You can visit the complete website for La Pavillon by clicking here, or visiting

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Scrolling home page website image for La Pavillon Restaurant

From semiconductors to freestyle show music, Avid Design Group launches two new website projects in very different industries:

This past month, Avid Design Group, completed website design and development projects for two new Clients to our agency with very different website development needs.  One for SemiDice and the other for Goldbar Freestyles.  Both website’s were custom designed in adherence to the Client’s brand and programmed in the WordPress platform, offering the client a content management system (CMS) for site changes, programmed in Responsive Design, and hosted on our dedicated servers.

SemiDice is a technology company with United States operations based in California, who can streamline the process of selling die for the semiconductor manufacturers and provide the level of service that is required by die users.  You can visit their new website to learn more about their services by clicking here or visiting

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Scrolling home page image for the SemiDice website

Goldbar Freestyles is a professional dressage musical design service provided by award winning dressage rider Lynette Wadsworth, for both amateur and professionals.  You can visit the complete website for Goldbar Freestyles by clicking here or visiting

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Goldbar Freestyles website home page image

Accomplished professional Nick Roerig launches his personal website custom designed and developed by Avid Design Group

Avid Design Group, a professional marketing, website and graphic design agency located in St. Augustine, FL, recently launched a personal website for accomplished professional Nick Roerig.  Nick came to Avid Design Group needing an on-line presence where he could feature his talents in piano playing and teaching for hire, writing, and professional business program management.  Avid Design Group designed and developed Nick a custom designed, WordPress programmed website that provides a detailed biography of Nicks artistic talents and professional accomplishments.  The website also features information about a book written by Nick “Seasons in the Sunshine”, and a link to purchase the book on  Below is a featured screen-shot of the home page of the website.  To visit the complete website click here, or visit

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Nick Roerig Home Page image

Do you need a professionally designed magazine advertisement? Contact Avid Design Group to see how we can help your business get exposure:

Contrary to what some website design agencies may tell you, the world of print advertisement for your business is not dead to the conquering force of on-line marketing.  There is plenty of opportunity in the advertising world for the two to work together to increase exposure for your product or service.  Working with a full service graphic design and marketing agency like Avid Design Group, will give you the brand consistency across all aspects of visual media that your business participates in.  We would like to feature on our Avid Design Group project Blog a few full page, full color advertisements we recently completed for three of our clients that we also provide on-line marketing and website design services for.

Two of the examples we are providing are from the April/May edition of the St. Augustine Social Magazine for Generation Homes, a prestigious home builder in Northeast Florida, and W.H. O’Connell & Associates, a Certified Public Accounting and tax firm located in St. Augustine.  The third example from the Beach Haven community, a vintage coastal home community located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Coast, FL (Flagler County),  is being featured in the May edition of both the Homes & Land magazines for St. Johns and Flagler counties.

2 more website project launches announced by Avid Design Group!

At Avid Design Group, LLC, we are very happy to announce the recent launch of two new website projects for our friends and Clients at Action Title Services of St. Johns County and Mowrey, Shoemaker, Beardsley – Attorneys at Law, both located in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida.

The new website project for Action Title Services of St. Johns County was recently launched in January 2016 as a replacement for the existing company website that was originally designed and developed by our graphic design and website design agency, Avid Design Group, 10 years ago and updated many times in recent years.  The custom designed, WordPress programmed website has enhanced graphics and design, and all the modern day programming features like being programmed in Responsive Design, and offering the Client a content management system (CMS) for staff to manage page content changes.  You can visit their website at to learn much more about their title and real estate closing services.

The law offices of Mowrey, Shoemaker, Beardsley – Attorneys at Law contracted with Avid Design Group to design and develop a new website for their legal practice that incorporated their brand and featured their legal team and services in a manner that elevated their on-line presence and searchability in a competitive local legal market.  The website was custom designed with consideration to their established brand, and programmed in WordPress.  You can visit their complete website to learn more about the legal team and services offered by Mowrey, Shoemaker, Beardsley – Attorneys at Law at